Pilates Teacher Training

Classical Pilates Comprehensive Training

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. It is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body as well as a sound mind, fully capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

photo-6The classical style of Pilates represents a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, core strength, increased flexibility and an ease of movement.  The Classical Pilates Training Program was established in 2004 and is taught by Taunya Foerster.  Taunya has over twenty-five years in the fitness industry with a focus on Pilates and nutrition.  She believes education is a way to continually learn and evolve.  Taunya’s focus is to help people improve their fitness level to better assist in an improved quality of life.

Our program is based on the principle that before working the peripheral parts of the body, the center needs to be strong and stable. We believe in a systematic integrated approach to Pilates training, where a client has the ability to follow a system of exercises utilizing different apparatus. Our approach completely changes a person’s body, rids them of the chronic weaknesses they have suffered with and makes teaching much easier.

Pilates was originally developed with the understanding that the center/core of the body is where the initiation of movement should come from. Flexibility, range of motion and a long lean body will result. The true education in Pilates is about giving tools to the teacher that enables him or her to understand and communicate the principles that are being taught.

Pilates Comprehensive Training Program
Pilates Comprehensive includes the complete mat, beginner, intermediate, and advanced apparatus systems.  The Pilates Comprehensive is a series of four 3-day weekends consisting of 72 hours.  These hours will include reviewing the Pilates manuals, being taught the correct form of the exercises, and practice teaching other apprentices the Pilates exercises.
10-Day Comprehensive Certificate
The Classical Pilates 10-Day Comprehensive Certificate includes the complete mat, beginner, intermediate, and advanced apparatus systems.  This course is ten days straight consisting of 60 hours. These hours will include reviewing the Pilates manuals, being taught the correct form of the exercises, and practice teaching other apprentices the Pilates exercises.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to teach the classical style of Pilates
  • Learn how to put together an hour long session using the Pilates apparatus
  • Learn how to teach clients who have special needs or limitations
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to receive the results you want
  • Learn the proper form of the Pilates exercises
  • Learn the correct muscles to use to get the appropriate workout

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You are required to complete 450 hours for the comprehensive certificate.  If you are just doing the mat portion of certificate, the hours required to complete is 50.
Some apprentices will need more hours to feel ready to test out and these extra hours will be free of charge.

These hours do not include the hours of the weekend workshops; up to 50 previous hours (Comprehensive) & 10 previous hours (Mat) can be logged. Be sure to keep track of your hours on the log sheet provided by our studio.

Testing Out
You choose when you are ready to test out.  There will be a written as well as a practical test for the mat system, beginner system, intermediate system and advanced system. Each practical will have a nominal $50 test-out fee.  The apprentice will need to provide the subject to use for their practical. The practical test includes taking the subject through an hour-long workout that is safe, effective and flows. If you do not pass your practical test, it will be required to complete an additional 50 hours and re-test for that system.

Student Teaching
Once you are to a level where you have been approved to student teach prior to completing the full course, you will receive a compensation of $15 per class. The studio will charge those clients who want to train with a student teacher $40 per session; no exceptions.

Certificate Benefits

The Classical Pilates Certificate course can be taken as many times as you would like complimentary once paid for the first round.  Participation in the mat certificate course enables you to take mat classes at a discounted rate.  Comprehensive certificates allow you to take mat, tower, circuit, and semi-private sessions at a discounted rate. You are able to work for the Pilates studio if you are ready to teach.  You will learn anatomy of the human body to help you understand the exercises.

What You Will LearnFINAL_PMA_CPT_FindMeLOGO

  • The many benefits of Pilates
  • How Pilates benefits different people
  • Correct names of the Pilates exercises
  • Precise way to perform the exercises
  • How to teach each exercise
  • Anatomy of the body (Skeletal & Muscles)
  • Proper Pilates breathing
  • Verbal and physical cueing
  • Benefits of each exercise
  • Transitions from one exercise to another
  • Inventive variations to the exercises
  • Proper Pilates form
  • How to access your client


Certificate Cost

Mat Certificate … $950 plus manual
Comprehensive Certificate … $4,500 plus manuals

The complete payment must be into the studio no later than 2 weeks prior to the certificate course you will be attending.  Spaces fill up quickly so it is ideal to send a payment in of $400 for mat and $2,250 for comprehensive to save a spot up until one month prior to the course.  Full payment must be in to receive discounts of classes.   We accept all payment types.

Signing Up
The certificate form must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the first day of the course.  All paperwork and payments must be submitted at the same time.  Included in the form are the following:
Completed Certificate packet
Certificate contract (included)
Full payment
Pilates Questionnaire (included)
Two letters of recommendation

For more information please contact the studio.  We also offer on site training at select locations.