The classical style of Pilates represents a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, core strength, increased flexibility and an ease of movement.

All classes/sessions are an hour-long taught by certified Pilates instructors using the traditional method and authentic equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.

Introductory Special: Begin with a one-on-one session available to new clients only which can be taken up to four times. These sessions will help you to become familiar with Pilates.

Private Session: Enjoy a one-on-one session focusing on the Pilates apparatus. Private sessions are truly essential, not only to grasp the fundamentals, but also to effectively move through intermediate and eventually advanced movements.

Duo-Private Session: Train on the Pilates apparatus with a friend or family member.

Circuit Training Class: A fun fast paced class incorporating all the Pilates apparatus. This class is designed especially for the intermediate to advanced client.

Pilates Mat Class: Enjoy a Pilates mat class which uses your own body weight for resistance. This class will help to strengthen the core and will assist in improving overall strength, flexibility, and are an integral part of developing a long and lean Pilates body.

Power Plate Class®: Power Plate® Advanced Vibration Technology is the most cutting-edge tool in the health and fitness industry. Based on technology developed for the Russian space program and backed by 40 years of scientific research, users achieve better results than with conventional training methods in just 10 minutes 3 times a week. The Power Plate has been used extensively by top athletes and is now widely accepted all over the world within the medical, rehabilitation, and health and fitness industries.

Pilates for Kids: Strengthen your child’s core, flexibility and improve posture from an early age, with benefits that will last a lifetime.

Finish each class feeling better body awareness and improved posture!

Gift Certificates Available